Godfrey Marketing

A Full Service Northern Ontario Digital Agency

What we do

We help you determine the best course of action for your project that will meet your goals as well as allow for future growth and scalability.

We know online business and can help clients at any stage in the process improve their current website or digital marketing initiatives. We are great with start-ups and companies with no experience in e-commerce too.

What we believe in

Results are what we use to measure your success. We believe in open honest dialog with our clients and that our relationships are partnerships. We know e-commerce and marketing and our clients know their business.

Together, we can create a customized plan that will match the client's goals and competencies within their available resources.

Who we are

Jeff Godfrey E-Business Specialist

Our office

We work from home offices to reduce the costs for our clients and our environmental impact. We are always happy to meet at a local business to support our community.

Why you should work with Godfrey Marketing

Results Driven

Your success is our success. We want you to succeed and we want your logo and testimonial on our website.

Adaptable and Custom

Every client is unique. We do not have a single strategy and method for all clients. Our programs are customized to your company and needs.

We work with you

Our contract is a partnership. We need your knowledge of your business and vision to integrate into an e-commerce site or strategy that will meet your needs now and in the future.

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